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The Last Gambit

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The 21st century has just started and immediately an important event has happened. The reaction on it was so outstanding and violent that one can surely say – there wasn’t such striking occurrence during the 20th century peacetime. Only the laziest hasn’t told his opinion on the events of September 11, 2001, on that tragedy that shocked the world. There was told much, but few has been made clear. Is America a victim? Or has it “punished” itself? Why there are so much secrets and mystical coincidences about this tragedy? And could it be parts of some plot rather than coincidences? And what is the plot and who stands behind?
The great-grandsons of famous Conan-Doyle’s characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are trying to find out the cause of the skyscrapers destruction and clear up some details of the incident. During their investigation they solve this one and other mysteries of the last decades.

The genre of this book is called “mystical-philosophical political detective story”. It tells about important information on world-view and on ruling, acquaints a reader with the “backstage” hidden motives of the world’s events, narrates about secret means of ruling the social processes.
Extraordinary chances use to recur.
Karel Čapek.

There is nothing casual. Chance is something beyond one’s comprehension.
Michael Liteman.

Introduction. From Editors to a Reader

Part I. Holmes and Watson

  • Saturday morning. September 22, 2001. London

Part II. Watson’s investigation

  • Evening. September 22. Russian “picnics”
  • September 23 – 24. “Matrix”
  • September 25 – 30. Holmes’s books
  • Evening. October 4. Hotel “Woldorf” and “Flight 1812”

Part III. Holmes’s Investigation

  • September 22 – 27. Switzerland – Liechtenstein(Zurich – Vaduz – Geneva)
  • September 27 – October 4. Spain. Madrid – El Escorial
  • October 5 – 7. Egypt. Cairo
  • October 8 – 12. India. Bombay-Puttaparthi

Part IV. Holmes and Watson Again

  • Saturday morning. October 13. London
  • The principles of tandem activity