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Global crisis root cause: just economy or biblical culture?

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The fact, that nowadays human society and computer networks are both informational sys-tems, allows us to draw analogies between them. As operating system is the core element of any computer network, culture with its norms and values, in the same way, is a key element of any soci-ety. Just as operating system is comprehensive to applications, the culture is comprehensive to eco-nomics of a society. In other words people build their trade networks and maintain their relationships according to cultural norms and moral values deriving from culture. So in order to get to the root of current global malfunction we need to understand the dominating culture, in other words our culture on bible platform.

Architecture of bible-based culture contains several components. The base is encrypted and cannot be accessed by the majority of users/general public. However, to allow resolution of various routine tasks there is an “admin” group with more rights that has access to a console, whose log is translated in a document also known as “Old testament”. In order to provide small group of develop-ers with outstanding rights over any common user, the platform provides them with special functional options, which are not documented for informational security reasons. From common user’s point of view developers’ functions/abilities are often perceived as “MIRACLE”. Common user has access only to attractive but functionally limited program shell, which is accessible anywhere in the world, doesn’t require specific user skills or knowledge, has friendly interface and allows solving basic tasks. Common users know it as “New testament”. To increase number of users and enhance world-wide coverage this program was adapted to national specifics and rebranded as “Orthodox”, “Ca-tholicism”, “Protestantism”, “Socialism” etc. Rights of commercial distribution and management of these brands were transferred to a few closed organizations formed and functioning by same princi-ples as closed corporations. From time to time common users are shown elections of board members and board heads of those corporations.

For the past couple of thousands years there were many attempts to change the platform and program shell of biblical culture. Unfortunately those attempts failed, because biblical culture devel-opers excelled in comprehension and professionalism compared to developers of alternatives. The matter was that alternative developers offered users plug-and-play programs instead of development and customization method. As a result, biblical developers created a virtual machine that could plug in to each new alternative, take it over and imbed it back into biblical culture. The objective of this machine was to intercept user requests and divert them into bible culture core in such way that user won’t notice the substitution. This was how “Islam” was treated, which “Koran-ic” base was substi-tuted with “biblical” using special virtualization technology, while the shell still remained familiar to the majority of common users. All other more or less significant religious and social cultures were plugged-in to biblical platform. In the end it reminds an old proverb: “the wolves are sated and the sheep intact”.

So called “Economics”, “Politics”, “Education”, “Science”, “Medicine”, etc, are just applica-tions working on the platform of and controlled by prevailing culture. We all know that if applica-tions are constantly freezing, malfunction or just drop, then the problem is bigger then application itself, it’s in the operating system. It won’t be necessary to describe many malfunctions in current economics, education, politics and even scientific spheres.
It is well known now that nowadays operating systems with open code are dramatically supe-rior to those developed in 1950s. It is also hard to find someone who voluntarily uses outdated operat-ing systems. At the same time human society still thinks that the older is a culture the better. Is it a time for System Upgrade?

More info on the core of conciliar culture with open source code, description of its’ de-sign, installation and testing manual, you can find on the www.dotu.ru website.

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